The UK General Election Its the 5 Day Countdown

Into Election Week we go. For many, including the British electorate, there will the hope for an end to the Brexit saga.

Live televised debates and Q&A sessions may have ultimately gone in favor of the Opposition Party. But, the lead and the reality of Brexit looks to have given the Tories the lead with just 5-days remaining.

Market confidence going into the weekend remained, in spite of a pullback in the Pound against the Greenback. The pullback was data-driven rather than election sentiment-driven, or so it seemed.

We had seen the Pound hit choppy waters ahead of key live televised debates and last Friday was no exception.

With the U.S President on his way back to the U.S, there was little interference to trouble the markets.

So, as things stand

The Opinion Polls

YouGov released its latest opinion poll tracker results, covering the opinion polls from 5thand 6thDecember, on the weekend.

After a narrowing in support for the Tories, the Pounds rise to 7-month highs was vindicated if the polls are anything to go by.

According to the latestPolls,

The Tories,

  • The Conservative Party saw their share of the vote increase from 42% on 3rdDecember to 43% on 6th
  • This reversed a fall from 43% on 29th
  • In spite of the uptick, the share of the vote continued to sit well below the 15thNovember high 45%.

The Opposition Party,

  • The Labour Partys share of the vote held steady at 33% over the same period.
  • Whilst holding steady, this was down from the Labour Partys high 34% on 29th
  • In spite of a widening in the Tory Party lead, the lead remains significantly narrower than the widest margin aback on 15th
  • On 15thNovember, the Tories had a 17 point lead. As of the latest survey, the lead stood at 10 points.
  • Good news for Johnson and the Brexiteers is the double-digit lead in the final run to Election Day.

For the remaining parties,

  • The Liberal Democrats saw a slight increase in support, bringing to an end a downward trend that began back on 22nd
  • Since the start of November, the Lib Dems have seen their share of the vote fall from a high 17%.
  • The rest of the minority parties lost support at the end of the week, as voters moved across the Tories and the Lib Dems.
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